Automated SharePoint Metadata

  • Use natural language processing to unlock your organization's knowledge and implement SharePoint & Office 365 information architectures.

About Us

Martin Harwar is our Managing Director and Solution Architect. He is a seven-time Microsoft MVP for SharePoint and Office 365, and has spoken at international conferences on behalf of Microsoft. He now leads our development and architecture teams, as well as being responsible for overall company strategy and governance.

Brendan Clarke is our Director of Product Management. He was previously the lead technical specialist at Microsoft for SharePoint in the UK. He has worked with many of the largest companies in Europe on developing their SharePoint strategy, and he now leads our product management and services teams.

Our highly-specialized products help you to define taxonomies and ontologies that are specific to your business, and they implement relationships between your term sets and your documents. We use cutting-edge natural language processing technologies to extract and classify the concepts, entities, patterns, and keywords used by your employees.

Document Insights Limited is a small team of highly-skilled specialists. Our founders and directors have over 70 years combined experience in the software industry, specializing in Enterprise Information Architecture.

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